Esfahan Regional Electric Company (EREC) is located in the center of Iran, and its territory consists of Esfahan and Chaharmahal baktiyary provinces with 30 counties, 60 district, 122 cities, 151 rural districts and 3395 villages.

The population under EREC management is about 5.6 million (as to March- 2010) and its area is123000

After separation of electric distribution companies in October 2007, EREC's responsibility become generating and supplying electrical energy to heavy industries and distribution companies. Also via the central area operation dispatching (CAOC); EREC is guiding and exchanging energy with neighboring companies as Hamedan, Markazy, Kermanshah, Kordestan, Eelam and Lorestan provinces.

At this point EREC generating 11.6% of electrical energy and its subscribers consume about 10.81% of country's electrical energy. The total consumers in this area are reaching 2.1 million, and its load at the peak of summer 2010 has been 3703 MW.

Implementation Of management systems:

  1. ISO 9001-2000.
  2. EFQM Excellence Model.
  3. BSC (balanced scored card).
  4. Partnership System.
  5. Suggestion System.
  6. Formulating Productivity criteria.
  7. Assessment of contractors, consultants and suppliers' performance.
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