Dependent Companies

Energy Producing companies
Production unities are active in the mold of this companies and they produce necessary energy for subscribers.

The Esfahan electricity production management company
This company, located 13 kilometers out south west of Esfshan, was established to follow govermental privatization policy of govermental properties and now, it manages two Esfahan and Hessa power plants. This company ownes 5 vapor units in the Esfahan powerplant with cabacity of 835 MW and 3 gas units in the Hessa powerplant with a total capacity of 90 MW. The Esfahan electricity praduction management company with the enduring of its colleques on 20 th Dec 1999 as the first dependant company of Esfahan load elecricity board was succeeded in receiving the certificate of ISO 9002- 1994 from S.G.S company.

The shahid Mohammad Montazeri electricity production management company
This company is in northwest of Esfahan in on area as large as 2 million meters square. In 1997 this company was seperated off from the Esfahan power plant company and is now working with 8 units of 200 MW each and it produces energy. This company succeeded to receive certification of ISO 9002–1994 on 12 th Oct 2000 from RWTUV company.
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