Using electricity in historical city of Esfahan goes back to 1925 and as today has gone through seven managerial periods as follows:

  1. Establishing the first power plant by late Ata-ola-malek Dehash in 1925 which was servicing the area around the factory by a single phase line.
  2. In 1945 as the demand increased, the late Ata-ola-malek Dehash in association with Esfahan municipality bought and installed two new generators.
  3. In 1948 with effort of industry owners, Turbine Joint Company were founded, electrical installations were expanded, and in 1953 electricity was supplied to customers 24 hours a day.
  4. In 1961 company was dissolved due to demand acceleration and lack of capital, and in the mean time; power plants joint company was formed, services were expanded to other cities, new generation unit were bought and 20 kv distribution lines and substation were constructed. These activities were carried on till 1963, and at that time, Esfahan load peak reached 20MW.
  5. In 1965 the articles of association of ministry of power and electrical companies were approved and all electrification activities transferred to government sector. EREC was founded with Esfahan, Chaharmahal Bakhtiyary, yazd and parts of Markazy province under its management, and all the private sector installations were bought. Then in order to fulfill its responsibility and supplying reliable energy; Esfahan power plant, 63 kv subtransmission lines and 63/20kv substations were built. These activities were continued till 1984 when Yazd and parts of Markazy provinces were separated form EREC.
  6. In 1992, with changes in policies of ministry of power, and separation of executive and supervisory activities, 13 subsidiary companies were formed as executive branches and supervisory activities.
  7. Based on Iran Islamic parliament legislation: distribution companies were separated from Regional Electric Companies in 2007, and thusly EREC main responsibility becomes activities in power generation, Transmission and sub-transmission sections.


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