EREC Ethical Charter
  1. We always regard the Almighty contentment, and committed to personnel happiness, stockholders' satisfaction and hold them in high estimation.
  2. We believe that human resources are the most valuable assets of our organization, and we are trying our foremost to promote the level of their knowledge, job skills, spiritual state, livelihood, mental hygiene and also maintaining their health status.
  3. Based on Islamic teachings: we perceive discipline, perseverance, punctuality and clientele reverence as the ruling and underlining values of our company.
  4. While protecting our physical Asset: we view improvement indexes related to sustained and assured electrical energy supply, and increasing productivity as our main mission.
  5. Moving toward electronic government: we are determined while transpiring our Activities; presenting our services with speed, precision and desired quality by using new technologies.
  6. We welcome team activities, new ideas and productive comments to continuously improve the level of our services.
  7. With continuous assessment of contractors, consultants and suppliers' performance: we facilitate the promotion and growth of our company's quality and quantity level of services with regard to fairness and regulations framework.
Chairman and managing director
تاریخ بروزرسانی: 1399/04/30
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