EREC Quality Policy Statement

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Ministry of Power

Esfahan Regional Electric Company (EREC)

Quality Policy Statement

Erec is a service company in charge of supplying and transmission of electrical energy to power distribution companies and heavy industrial subscribers in Esfahan and Chaharmahal – bakhtiary provinces.

The company quality policy's essentials are based on customer focus and continual improvement of activities and services which continuously being evaluated and monitored through obtaining customers' views, presenting services and output quality with regard to company's regulations framework.

In order to achieve above policy; company' s goals are defined based on following principles:

  • Increasing stakeholder's Satisfaction.
  • Growth and advancement of scientific, specialized and motivational level of human resources as the company main assets.
  • Presenting services with valued quality, and being accountable to customers' needs in shortest time.
  • Increasing productivity.
  • Improving indexes related to supplying electrical energy, persuading and promoting customers toward consumption and load management.
  • Promoting quality management culture in organization.
  • Developing participation and research culture in company, and cooperation with research centers.
  • Identification of improvement opportunities elements, and make Use of available capacities effectively.

To achieve defined goals and establish an efficient management system: Iso 9001-2008 is adopted as company's quality management model, and management is undertaking to execute it effectively and in line to develop, improve and move toward deployment of T.Q.M system.

Company management expects all personnel using their effort, empathy, harmony, cooperation, and also by understanding the organization position; to be the main cause of improvement of quality management system effectiveness.

To carry on organization goals; the manager of strategic management office is chosen as representative of top management in quality management system. Therefore; it is expected all managers and personnel with precise understanding of their responsibilities to assist him in establishing the system.

To ensure goals are achieved according to the plans; this policy is being reviewed Annually٫ and it is necessary that all managers plan and execute their activities with regard to the contents of this policy.


Managing director September 2010

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