EREC Statement

EREC vision

A step beyond: toward flourishing, excellence and stakeholders' satisfaction, and a seal on top of the country electric industry.


EREC mission

  • Supplying assured and Sustained electrical energy for all people, production section and other stakeholders, day and night, and doing our role in fulfilling the country infrastructure development.
  • Recruiting and empowering human resources, and focusing on learning organization.
  • Trying to economize our activities through procedures improvement.
  • Creativity, innovation, decentralization, outsourcing and competitive presence at electric market.
  • Utilizing our resources and equipments in most efficient way, and modernizing of existence technology.
  • Protecting electric industry installation legal boundary and environment.


EREC fundamental Values

  • We believe in Human dignity and our administration is based on a win – win approach.
  • Observing basic principles and regulations are our personal and organizational beliefs.
  • Honoring customers and stakeholder groups, accountability and continual improvement are pivotal to our personal and organizational excellence.
  • We believe in rights of future generation, and while protecting our organization resources, and assets: we view human natural habitant as essential.
تاریخ بروزرسانی: 1399/04/30
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